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TI – Bulgaria addressed RIA regarding Zheleznitsa tunnel

Transparency International – Bulgaria, Independent Observer of the procurement for Zheleznitsa tunnel part of Struma Highway, addressed the management of the Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) with ques...

What did the political parties propose and fail to propose in the field of anticorruption?

This analysis assesses the results of the monitoring conducted on the pre-election programmes of the political parties, registered for the 44th National Asse...


Kalin Slavov in interview in front of Bulgarian National Radio

The decision of Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) to stop public procurement for “Zheleznica” tunnel will be an object of special monitoring from Transparency Internatio...


Kalin Slavov in interview in front of Bulgarian National Radio

In the Early Parliamentary Elections only 33 per cent of the parties had an election programme. Anticorruption topic was in the programme of only 30 per cent of the par...


Linka Toneva, Expert of TI-Bulgaria in front of BIT Television: The controlled vote was significally higher on this elections

Linka Toneva noted that there are many signals for vote buying and illegal campaigning, but a worrying trend is precisely controls on voters. According to her, the pres...

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