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Corruption Perception Index 2019

On 23 of January 2020 Transparency International will present the results of Corruption Perception Index for 2019. Тhe Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is created by Transparency International, th...

Protection of People Reporting Wrongdoing – Way Forward for Bulgaria

Reporting is recognized to be one of the most effective tools for exposure of corruption, fraud, mismanagement and other  irregularities threatening the public interest. At the same time, people who s...
still3 protect Whistleblowers

Protection of Whistleblowers in Bulgaria - Round Table Discussion

Recently the European Parliament and the Council adopted a Directive on protection of people rep...


Kalin Slavov interview on BNR:The position of Chief Prosecutor is overexposed

“The position of Chief Prosecutor is overexposed. For me as a lawyer is interesting how this mechanism for controlling the Chief Prosecutor will correspond with the text of the Constitution, which say...


Darik Radio: There is huge number of invalid ballots after the local elections in 2019, we have a problem!

Enormous number of invalid ballots during the local elections in Bulgaria in 2019 Why there are such a huge number of invalid ballots during the local elections 2019 in Bulgaria? The results of  th...


Bulgarian National Television: Election technologies and rules

Signals for vote buying, charges, arrests – all of these we saw on the past local elections. What are the reasons for these usual processes when there is elections in Bulgaria? How the local electi...

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