Transparency International – Bulgaria with recommendations for building up the capacity of the local government in Rousse

Transparency International – Bulgaria have participated in the work of the Regional Public Council for Transparency and Civil Surveillance in order to present the main results and conclusions of the Local Integrity System Index 2016 for the Municipality of Rousse.

While noting a total score higher than average for the country, the Municipality of Rousse still need to improve its operations in order to reach optimal levels of transparency and accountability in its governance.

For this purpose we shall present an improved model of good governance, established as a result from the survey of the local integrity system index in other municipalities, by means of which the existing gaps in the interaction between the local government authorities and the local self-government in the municipality of Rousse could be overcome.

On July 4, 2017, we will be in Rousse aiming to discuss the improvement of capacity, publicity and integrity in the municipality management and the active role and interaction with civil society.