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International Anti-Corruption Day 2020

This year, on International Anti-Corruption Day, we ponder on the devastating effects of COVID-19 on institutions, the economy and democratic processes in society. Transparency International - Bulg...

Open Letter on the proposals for the amendments to the Electoral Code submitted to the National Assembly for consideration

On September 1, 2020, Transparency International - Bulgaria submitted a stand to the National Assembly on the proposals for changes in the Electoral Code. As an organization that has been monitorin...
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TI-Bulgaria has joined a global coalition for the protection of whistleblowers reporting irregularities during and after the Covid-19 period.

Transparency International-Bulgaria has joined a growing global coalition of 92 organizations for the protection of whistle...

Bulgaria on Air: TI-Bulgaria: Bulgaria is the most corrupted country in the EU

For the seventh consecutive year, Bulgaria is the most corrupted country in the European Union. This is clear from the published Corruption Perception index of Transparency International. The Inter...


BNR-Kalin Slavov: We keep the last place of CPI in European Union and it is very disturbing

Transparency International  publishes its 2019 Corruption Perceptions Index in 180 cou...


Kalin Slavov interview on BNR:The position of Chief Prosecutor is overexposed

“The position of Chief Prosecutor is overexposed. For me as a lawyer is interesting how this mechanism for controlling the Chief Prosecutor will correspond with the text of the Constitution, which say...

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