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TI-Bulgaria has joined a global coalition for the protection of whistleblowers reporting irregularities during and after the Covid-19 period.

Transparency International-Bulgaria has joined a growing global coalition of 92 organizations for the protection of whistleblowers reporting cases of violations and irregularities  during and after th...

Proposals of TI-Bulgaria to the National Strategy for Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption in the Republic of Bulgaria (2021 - 2027)

Lobbying Draft Legislation, Well-Massaged Elections, Corrupted Political Parties and Legislation that makes officials uncontrolled and with powerful interests. Transparency International – Bulgaria...
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7 movies about whistleblowers that you cannot miss

In the new Stephen Spielberg thriller, The Post, Meryl Streep’s character exposes secret and highly unethical activities by the American government during the Vietnam War. By doing this, she risks her...

Corruption Perception Index 2019

  On 23 of January 2020 Transparency International will present the results of Corruption Perception Index for 2019. Тhe Corruption Perception Index (CPI) is created by Transparency Interna...

Protection of People Reporting Wrongdoing – Way Forward for Bulgaria

Reporting is recognized to be one of the most effective tools for exposure of corruption, fraud, mismanagement and other  irregularities threatening the public interest. At the same time, people who s...
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