Darik Radio: There is huge number of invalid ballots after the local elections in 2019, we have a problem!

Enormous number of invalid ballots during the local elections in Bulgaria in 2019 Why there are such a huge number of invalid ballots during the local elections 2019 in Bulgaria? The results of  th...

Bulgarian National Television: Election technologies and rules

Signals for vote buying, charges, arrests – all of these we saw on the past local elections. What are the reasons for these usual processes when there is elections in Bulgaria? How the local electi...

Bloomberg TV: Kalin Slavov – The main irregularities during the local elections 2019

The first round of local elections was quite evenly. Most of the irregularities was connected with organizational irregularities. Slavov noted that the organizational nature of the violations does ...

BNR - Kalin Slavov: The innovations in the protection of whistleblowers will be in the private sector

The EU Directive on the protection of whistleblowers was adopted on 7 October 2019 and enables Member States to take a leading position in the field in the next 2 years. This is the period in which th...

Kalin Slavov in interview in front of Bulgarian National Radio

“It is too early to talk about clear political signs and signals that we receive with the announcement of such a law because the previous two projects were governmental, which did not guarantee them a...
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