Further to activities dedicated to enhancing the transparency of financing of political parties in 2005 – 2007 Transparency International – Bulgaria conducted a number of initiatives for independent monitoring of the financing of political election campaigns. The monitoring encompassed four elections which took place in consecutive years: parliamentary election 2005, presidential election 2006, local election 2007 and election of Bulgarian representatives in the European Parliament 2007.

The key outcome of the monitoring was development of Transparency Index in the Financing of Election Campaigns. The index represents a score between 0 and 10, where 0 equals to lack of transparency and 10 equals to full transparency.

The Transparency Index in the Financing of Election Campaigns is calculated as an average score of three separate components:

Public perceptions The first component is based on the public perceptions of the level of transparency of political campaigns financing. The score is built on the results from national poll of the public opinion.

Accountability The present component represents an evaluation on if the political parties followed the legal requirements for accountability of expenses made in the course of the electioneering. The score is formed based on the statements provided by the Bulgarian National Audit Office.

Publicity This component involves an assessment with view of the readiness of the political parties to provide additional data and access to information and financial documents.

The value of the Transparency Index in the Financing of Election Campaigns for the local election 2007 is 1.89 of 10.

For additional information regarding the TIFEC, please visit the Bulgarian section of this website.

The results from the four issues of the Transparency Index in the Financing of Election Campaigns served as a basis for further extension of the activities and development of additive tools for monitoring of election process in Bulgaria.