Corruption Perception Index for 2018

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Bulgaria’s CPIndex: Stagnation in the fight against corruption continues.

Bulgaria’s corruption perceptions index in 2018 is 42 points, with the country score of 77th in the world ranking. In the regional ranking of the Member States of the European Union, our country continues to take last place (the average value of the EU index is 64.6).

Compared to the previous year, the index is going down with 1 point.

In this year’s ranking, the country score is with six positions up in the world ranking (from 71 in 2017 to 77th this year), which is a retreat indicator compare with other countries. The result in 2018 does not allow the country to move forward from its last place in the European Union.

The results for the period 2012-2018 gives critical assessment – there is a stagnation in the fight against corruption in comparison to positive developments in a significant part of the other EU countries and Bulgaria is seriously lagging behind.

The data show that despite the relative political and economic stability, the main weaknesses in the seven-year period are related to the efficiency of the use of public resources, the functioning of the supervisory institutions and the justice system in the country.The comparison between Bulgaria and other EU countries shows not only a lack of development for a relatively long period. It is particularly visible in comparison to a positive developments in countries in Central and Eastern Europe with which Bulgaria has been measuring such as Estonia (from 64 in 2012 to 73 in 2018), Latvia (from 49 in 2012 to 58 in 2018), the Czech Republic (from 49 in 2012 to 59 in 2019), Lithuania (from 54 in 2012 to 59 points in 2018).

Additional information for the results of Bulgaria you could read on our Bulgarian section on the website.

Here are the results from the index, as well as some additional assets provided by Transparency International.