The project commenced in September 2004 and was funded by the Democracy Commission at the Embassy of USA in Bulgaria.  This initiative of Transparency International – Bulgaria was carried out for the second time as a result of its efforts to create an area for transparent implementation of the process of financing of political parties and pre-election campaigns.

This project aims to raise public awareness of transparency in the funding of political parties in Bulgaria as well to suggest mechanisms of its improvement according to the best European and world practices.

Another main targets of the project are: outlining the weaknesses in the legislation on financing of political parties as well as establishing of monitoring mechanisms for the financing of political parties; involvement of civil society in monitoring, strengthening the dialogue between the specific governmental institutions and civil society as a whole.

Within the project frames an Index of Transparency on financing of the political parties was prepared for a second time. That Index includes two parts. The first one is based on  information submitted by political parties about the sources of their funding which has been established and disseminated and has been a subject of periodical publishing in the reports of the Bulgarian National Audit Office.

The second part of the Index includes summary information on survey and assessment of the rate of transparency and of the guarantees for accountability at the financing of political parties. Leading position here is taken by the results of studies of four groups – representatives of political parties, the business sector, NGOs and the media.