The project is an initiative of Transparency International-Bulgaria, which is implemented in the period November 2008 – June 2009. It is an extension of a previous project, the result of which was carried out a series of studies, analyzes and training seminars on the control and management of financial resources of the European Community.

The project is implemented by Transparency International Bulgaria, together with the Ministry of Interior (National Service “Pre”) and the Prosecution of the Republic of Bulgaria and with the support of the program Matra cap on Embassy of Netherlands in Sofia.

The main goal of the joint initiative is related to increase the competence of the investigating authorities and unify practices in investigation of crimes affecting the financial interests of the EC. The immediate objective is to provide practical expert assistance of police investigators and prosecutors investigating crimes related to the abuse of European funds.

Directly related to this objective is the promotion of cooperation between the two institutions in this area. In connection with the objectives of the project envisages the establishment of joint expert groups to develop practice-oriented methodology and handbook to serve in the work of police investigators and prosecutors investigating such crimes.

Project activities are carried out in three main directions: