The project named “Reform of Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Bulgaria” is an initiative of TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL-Bulgaria with two-year duration, which has been implemented since the beginning of July 2006 with the financial support of the British Embassy in Bulgaria. It is an extension of the previous draft of TI-Bulgaria, as a result of which a series of legal and sociological studies, workshops, expert round tables and conferences were carried out and five publications were made as well.

The main focus is drawn upon increasing the effectiveness of inter-institutional cooperation in the fight against corruption, upon transfer of know-how in this field by Member states of the EU as well as upon enhancing institutional capacity and authority of the Prosecutor’s Office   of Republic of Bulgaria.

One of the main project activities is the transfer of know-how in the field of fighting against corruption. In this connection a series of conferences and training seminars were held with the participation of representatives of the Crown Prosecution Service – United Kingdom, experts of TRANSPARENCY INTERNATIONAL and Member states of the EU.