The project represented an initiative of Transparency International-Bulgaria which was carried out with the financial support of “Administrative Capacity” Operational Programme of the European Union through the European Social Fund. Its implementation commenced in the beginning of September 2008.

The project aimed to increase capacity and to create conditions for active involvement of civil society structures and administration at local and regional levels in the fight against corruption and in the efforts to reform the state institutions towards greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.

The main goals of the project were:To create resources for improving awareness and practical skills of civil society and administration structures at local and regional levels upon issues related to corruption and possibilities for prevention and counteraction through participation in the elaboration and application of specific policies and practices of civil control, monitoring and enhancing of accountability in the administrative activities;

To create capacity for civil society and administration structures at local and regional level to develop specific strategies and project proposals for involvement in the implementation of “Administrative Capacity” Operational Programme, Priority Axis I “Good governance” sub-priorities;

To enhance the skills for partnership between the civil society structures and the administration in the Republic of Bulgaria.