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Business Integrity

The Business Integrity Initiative aims to change the way businesses perceive new challenges and distortions in global business integrity...

Integrity Pacts in Public Procurement

We carry out independent civil monitoring of the tender for the design and building of Struma motorway Lot 3.1 – Zheleznitsa tunnel

Whistleblowers’ protection in Bulgaria

Whistleblowers play an essential role in exposing corruption and other wrongdoing that threaten the public interest...

Local Integrity System Index

We establish a comparative assessment of the anticorruption capacity, role and impact of key institutions at local level...


We assess the level of transparency, integrity and equality of access regarding the influence over decision-making processes in Bulgaria...

The standard for publicity and transparency in the work of the Judiciary

Project “Elaboration and promotion of a standard for publicity and transparency in the work of the courts...

Illegal Asset Confiscation

The objective of the project is to enhance transparency, integrity, accountability and effectiveness of illegal asset confiscation procedures...

Countering Corruption – 2018: Public Expectations and Achievements

Project Cornerstone of democracy: Countering corruption and trust in political institutions, Countering...

Election Monitoring

We carry out civil monitoring of the electoral process...


ALAC provide free and confidential advice and support to victims and witnesses of corruption, enabling them to assert their rights

Civic Platform for Responsible and Accountable Governance

We promote the collaboration between public institutions and civil society in the sphere of ecology and urban planning, and children social care.

The National Integrity System

Election Monitoring (2011-2001)

As a national chapter – part of an international organization - Transparency International- Bulgaria operate...

Projects in Public Administration

One of the most important directions in the activity of Transparency International-Bulgaria is the reform of Public administration.


Over the years, the phenomenon of corruption is constantly growing and acquired global dimensions.