The law, which entered into force on 4 May 2023, provides for the establishment of a national mechanism to protect whistleblowers, as well as to carry out verification and action on any report. There are also channels for internal and external submission of reports on violations.

The published for discussion Ordinance sets out the procedure for keeping a register of signals and the conditions for referring internal signals to the Commission for Personal Data Protection.

The experts of Transparency International Bulgaria note that in the ordinance CPDP declares its intention to settle not a small range of public relations through instructions. And “the instructions should not create norms, but should indicate their clarification,” the lawyers from Transparency International Bulgaria are adamant.

The full text of the statement of Transparency International Bulgaria on the draft Ordinance on the keeping of the register of signals under art. 18 of the Law on the Protection of Persons Reporting or Publicly Disclosing Information on Violations and for Referring Internal Signals to the Commission for Personal Data Protection can be found here.