The discussion took place on 12-13 March 2015 in Radisson Blu hotel, Sofia. The programme included a module with business representatives titled “Business interests and business ethics: possibilities for self-regulation in favour of transparency and integrity of lobbying” and a module with institutions and civil society organizations titled “Consultative processes in Bulgaria: towards a level playing field for all participants”. The working format also included a journalist workshop on the topic “Journalistic investigations – a tool for shedding light over influence. Challenges and successes”.

The initiative is a continuation of the efforts of Transparency International-Bulgaria to stimulate the expert debate regarding the need for bringing the lobbying activity in Bulgaria to light. They are part of the initiative Lifting the Lid on Lobbying of Transparency International, the global coalition against corruption.

The discussion was a valuable opportunity to outline the main problems and aspects for improvement of the normative framework, policies and practices regarding transparency, integrity and equality of access to the decision-making process in Bulgaria.

The results of TI-Bulgaria’s study on lobbying in the country will be complemented and further developed on the basis of the positions and ideas voiced during the working format. A policy paper will be elaborated in the coming months, including specific recommendations for improvement of the legislative and procedural framework and organizational practices to guarantee transparency, integrity and equality of access of the influences on the decision-making process in Bulgaria.

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