Transparency International – Bulgaria will present a Roadmap with basic guidelines for improving transparency and publicity in the work of local authorities in front of the Regional Public Council for Prevention and Counteraction of Corruption.

Silistra is placed among the municipalities with the lowest index, which gives a penultimate place to it within the Local Integrity System Index for 2016. The weak results are due to a complex of factors – low involvement degree of the mayor’s institution with active forms of accountability and transparency, lack of an active role by the local political business organizations, ineffective involvement of the media and civil society organizations in the implementation of control over the activities of the public institutions.

As a part of the initiative to promote transparency and good governance in municipalities – regional centers, good practices for development of the municipality and more effective interaction with local government authorities and self-government will be presented.

We will monitor the implementation of the recommendations proposed and the progress of the lagging municipalities at the upcoming Local Integrity System Index 2017.