When you enter the Precinct Commission to vote, pay attention whether the members of the Precinct Commission:

Provide the opportunity for independent voting, observing the privacy of the vote (for ex. no one is present closer than 3 meters from the “dark room”; no direct visibility inside the “dark room”, no presence of unidentified individuals in the polling section;

Handle the ballots according to regulations (ex. remove the ballot from the stack in front of you, place the first stamp, after voting they place the second stamp; tear the control number of the ballot paper in front of you);

Enter your ID data in the voters’ list and ask you to place your signature, after voting.

For any observed wrongdoings of the Precinct Election Commission or representatives of the political parties, you can complain to the District Election Commission. The DEC is obliged to adopt a decision on the case immediately.

In cases of suspected crimes as buying of votes, control or pressure over voters, when you notice:

  • Presence of persons without identifying badges, or proxies or party representatives, who witness how voters vote;
  • Organized transportation of voters, group voting;
  • Collecting voter ID cards or preparing lists of voter personal data;
  • Questioning of voters;
  • Exoneration of debts;
  • Distribution of foods, wood or other material goods;

do not hesitate to contact the Ministry of Interior. The representatives of the Ministry are competent to immediately terminate such activities.

In all cases of witnessed irregularities and wrongdoings during election day, you can signal the competent authorities. Transparency International-Bulgaria is also prepared to process your signals and complains on a free-of-charge hotline – 0800 11 224. Our legal team will help you with advice on how to protect your voter rights.