Global corruption barometer



Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer is the largest world-wide public opinion survey on corruption. It addresses people’s direct experiences with bribery and details their views on corruption in the main institutions in their countries. Significantly, the Barometer also provides insights into how willing and ready people are to act to stop corruption.

The Global Corruption Barometer asks for people’s views on corruption in their country generally, and in which institutions the problem of corruption is most severe. It also provides a measure of people’s experience of bribery across 8 different services. The survey asks people how effective they think the government has been in stopping corruption and also probes their willingness to get involved personally in the fight against corruption.

The survey identifies public institutions and services that are seen as corrupt and where bribes are most frequently paid by citizens. It provides a better understanding of the political climate in a country and the strength of national institutions. This enables anti-corruption policies and programmes to effectively target the most at risk services and institutions in a country.

The Global Corruption Barometer provides views of people in a country with respect to this important issue. The data can be used to raise awareness about the impact of corruption on people in their every day lives. It can also be used to mobilise people to get involved in stopping corruption, by demonstrating popular willingness to engage personally by reporting incidences of corruption for example.

The survey can also be used for research purposes to explore determinants and consequences of corruption and bribery in a wide range of countries. It offers both a breadth of country coverage and valuable time series data for a number of important questions.

Please see more details and the most recent results from the GCB at the Tranpsarency International website.


  • Световен барометър 2016
  • Световен барометър 2013
  • Световен барометър 2010
  • Световен барометър 2009
  • Световен барометър 2007

Global corruption barometer

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