A Code of Ethics for Integrity, Correctness and Transparency in Bulgarian Business was discussed on the 15th of June 2023 during a regular meeting of the Business Integrity Club, established at the initiative of Transparency International Bulgaria.

The Code of Ethics is part of the Business Integrity Standards and the main document for the work of the Business Integrity Club. It is expected that the Code will be adopted by all companies, driven by the understanding that doing business in a transparent and accountable manner is the only way to long-term growth and success. The existence of such rules is a requirement to work with large international companies as part of their supply chains or distributors. These rules are also part of the risk assessment in lending and insurance in the modern world.

The members of the Business Integrity Club unite their efforts to create an environment for the development of honest business in Bulgaria. The club brings together companies that are active on issues of integrity and transparency and make efforts in the fight against corrupt business practices. The club was established under the project “Integrity in Business” of Transparency International Bulgaria and its mission is to build a framework of standards defining the rules of conduct in companies and their interaction with the external environment.

More information about the initiative can be found here.