The first meeting of the Business Integrity Club took place on February 8, 2022. Participants in the meeting were Bulgarian and foreign chambers of commerce that joined the club as follows: Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association, Bulgarian-Swiss Chamber of Commerce, British-Bulgarian business Association.

During the meeting the members of the Club discussed ideas and proposals for promoting business integrity policies among Bulgarian companies. Members of the club shared their experience on business integrity initiatives and planned the work of the Club in contribution to the implementation of its aims and objectives.

The Business Integrity Club was formally associated in September 2021 as an informal structure that aims to create an environment for modern thinking business, which appreciates the benefits of applying the philosophy of business integrity standards and shares values such as integrity, transparency, and  accountability.

During the meeting was discussed and accepted the Program for 2022.

The efforts of the members of the club are entirely focused on the environment for the development of free, fair, and transparent business in Bulgaria.