The decision of Road Infrastructure Agency (RIA) to stop public procurement for “Zheleznica” tunnel will be an object of special monitoring from Transparency International – Bulgaria.

TI-Bulgaria will announce a public report and a reasoned opinion by a team of experts, performing monitoring of the public procurement procedure.

“I think the motives that we have seen in the decision of RIA to stop the public procurement are not so clear in their essence and the institution intend to hide the real reason – namely – the disappearance of documentation,” said Kalin Slavov, Executive Director of TI-Bulgaria.

“According to the documentation 1400 days are necessary to build the tunnel, that makes about three year and a half which means the time is not enough and we are at risk.”

“In compliance with the new Public Procurement Law it is necessary to start a new tender procedure, but the same problem we had before may be repeated: someone could appeal in front of the Commission for Protection of Competition and Supreme Administrative Court and purely procedurally matters do not look good at all”.

You could hear the entire interview with Kalin Slavov in Bulgarian visiting the web page of Bulgarian National Radio.