“The position of Chief Prosecutor is overexposed. For me as a lawyer is interesting how this mechanism for controlling the Chief Prosecutor will correspond with the text of the Constitution, which says that the Chief Prosecutor exercises methodological guidance and control over the entire prosecution system. Before this mechanism is set on, the Constitutional Court should give an interpretative decision. Otherwise, this figure will create a great deal of uncertainty in the relationship between the Chief Prosecutor and the Prosecutor who has the power to investigate the  Chief Prosecutor” saiid  Kalin Slavov, Executive Director of TI-Bulgaria in interview for the Bulgarian National Radio.

According to him the announcement for lapse of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism by the outgoing European Commission is a “political decision not backed by real changes.  Аnd this control has exhausted itself and becomes an occasion for a press conference.”

“ The justice system should not be play out with criminal justice, and in the form of criminal repression”, said Slavov in Sunday 150 – a broadcast on Bulgarian National Radio.

You could hear the interview with Kalin Slavov in Bulgarian on the Bulgarian National Radio website.