Bulgaria couldn’t implement the Directive for the protection of whistleblowers on time, explained the executive director of Transparency International – Bulgaria.

At the end of January 2022, the European Commission has initiated an infringement procedure (criminal procedure) against the EU Member States, including Bulgaria, because our country wasn’t able to implement DIRECTIVE (EU) 2019/1937.

Whistleblowers are people in institutions, in businesses, in the private sector, who have information about irregularities in their organizations. Often whistleblowers are involved in activities that has some irregularities.

At the EU level, the implementation of this type of protection is a key mechanism to create a clean environment for the fight against corruption, explained Kalin Slavov in front of Bulgarian National Radio”.

Bulgaria had the opportunity to implement the legislation in this direction for a period of two years, but we are again in a state of catching up.

It is important to work on the image of Bulgaria and levels of corruption must be low or at least acceptable. The protection of whistleblowers applies not only to governmental and municipal institutions, but also to almost the entire private sector.

The entire interview with the Executive Director of the Transparency International – Bulgaria can be read in Bulgarian on the website of the Bulgarian National Radio.