The World Index shows that there is a link between corruption and tackling the pandemic. Bulgaria ranks last in the EU in terms of tackling corruption. This is shown by the results of the International Corruption Perceptions Index for 2020 of the Berlin-based international non-governmental organization Transparency International. In Sofia, these results were presented by Transparency International Bulgaria.

The index has been published every year since 1995 and is based on analyses, assessments and perceptions of the level of corruption according to business representatives, local and foreign analysts in the respective countries. It is based on independent research.

According to TI Bulgaria, the Bulgarian position in the index means that the country is last within the EU in dealing with the problem of corruption. Our country has an index of 44 and, together with Hungary and Romania, ranks last among the Member States. Globally, Bulgaria ranks 69th.

On the scale of the index, zero means “highly corrupt state” and 100 “very clean of corruption” country.

The researchers pointed out that the index was compiled in the context of the Covid-19 crisis, which highlighted the problem of neglect of social systems and has led to limited accountability of institutions and the obstruction of civilian control.

The full article on the results of the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2020 can be read on the Mediapool website.