Bulgaria is still the most corrupted country in the EU, according to Corruption Perception Index of Transparency International.

“This ranking of Bulgaria in the Corruption Perception Index shows a stable position of the country for 10 years, lastly in Europe and close to some African countries, but the problem is that this is the result of a certain way of functioning of institutions in our country.” Ognyan Minchev, Chairman of the Board of Transparency International, told in front of Nova Television.

“This is a structural phenomenon, which in practice refers to the overall institutional system of government of Bulgaria.” said Minchev.

Ognyan Minchev believes that this place is determined by the circumstance, the Bulgarian institutional, political, and administrative system is constructed in a way that there are wide spaces for corrupt interactions.

You can watch the whole interview with the Chairman of the Board of the Transparency International-Bulgaria on the website of Nova TV.