Today, 9 of December 2015, Transparency International – Bulgaria officially represent the results of Local Integrity System Index – 2015. This is the first annual comparative research ranking on key institutions of local authorities and municipalities. Local Integrity System Index describe a comparative picture of the anticorruption capacity, role and significance of the municipal council, mayor, municipal administration, political parties, judiciary system, police, business, media and civil society in the 27 municipal regional centers of Bulgaria. When these authorities function in compliance with the leading standards of independence, transparency and integrity they form a sound Local Integrity System and provide an effective and integral governance.

The results of the Local Integrity System Index – 2015 could be found on our new website:

The purpose of today’s discussion was to discuss the best practices and opportunities for improvement of the local environment. Among the participants in the forum were representatives of the local government and regional administration authorities, NGOs, business and media.

Local Integrity System Index is a three year-long initiative of Transparency International – Bulgaria, financially supported from America for Bulgaria Foundation. Twenty-six civil partner organizations across the country are involved in the project. The purpose of the initiative is to not simply evaluate the better and the worse performance of the local administrations and structures. The index will provide a platform for exchange of good practices and capacity development at all political process actors, civil society and business at local level in the Bulgarian cities and regions.