The Catalogue of Good Practices within the Local Integrity System is a component of the Local Integrity System Index Project, an initiative carried out by Transparency International Bulgaria. It compiles tens of examples of good practices and initiatives developed and implemented by various local level institutions and entities – municipal councils, mayors, municipal administrations, courts, law enforcement authorities, political parties, media, business, and civil society organizations – in Bulgaria’s 27 district center cities.

The Local Integrity System Index is the first of its kind, annual comparative study of key institutions and social actors that constitute the system of upright and responsible local governance. Its focus is laid on the assessment of three main dimensions: overall capacity for action, role in the process of promoting a Local Integrity System, and existence of internal governance rules in the categories of transparency, accountability, and integrity.

This catalogue will, hopefully, stimulate a more dynamic and fruitful dialogue among the local communities in Bulgaria, as well as an active exchange of ideas and positive examples, leading to more transparent, accountable, and responsible local selfgovernance across Bulgarian municipalities.

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