The team of Transparency International-Bulgaria have focused its efforts on support for Varna Municipality, which occupies one of the lowest positions in the Index for 2016 and have sought cooperation with local institutions in order to overcome the heaviest problems identified within frames of the research.

Critically low levels of transparency and accountability in the work of the institutions in the Municipality of Varna have been estimated. As for the work of Municipal Council team, the most substantial problem comprises the transparency and effective supervision of the local government authorities.

Regarding the activities of the team of the Mayor the indicator with the lowest appraisement is integrity.  Indicators for accountability are also prominent with poorly rates. Supporting a public accountability standard for implemented strategies and management programs is also a problem. Critically low is the level of publicity and accountability in the practice of the municipal supervisory bodies.

The ethical standards in police sector are among the main instruments whose strengthening would contribute significantly for improvement of the environment concerning the local integrity system.

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