Why is corruption flourishing in the global COVID- 19  pandemic? Conclusions of the annual report Corruption Perception Index of the international organization Transparency International.

According to the Corruption Perception Index the fight against corruption has been in stagnation for 10 years, as 86 of the world’s countries are getting worse or making no progress. In addition, many governments are taking advantage to undermine democracy and human rights.

“The COVID – 19 pandemic has shown very quickly the correlation between corruption, economic performance and healthcare investment. It turned out that the countries with the biggest problems in the economy and healthcare also have the biggest problems in the field of corruption. On the one hand, there is a purely civil dimension, one of the first tasks of governments was to restrict access to justice, the courts closed and they restrict access to administrative services. Many civil rights were limited, not only the right to work and to travel, but also the right to have access to information.  We have seen these restrictions in Bulgaria as well, but it has also been a reaction from governments around the world.” said Kalin Slavov, Executive Director of TI-Bulgaria.

You can watch the whole interview with the executive director of the Transparency International – Bulgaria in Bulgarian on the website of the Bulgarian National Television.