The first round of local elections was quite evenly. Most of the irregularities was connected with organizational irregularities.

Slavov noted that the organizational nature of the violations does not make them insignificant, and as an example of such he gave the incorrect working of the ballots – do not putting a second seal, which make the vote invalid.

Election tourism which marked the 2015 local elections has not been overcome and still exist despite the adopted legislative measures.

“In some of the municipalities, the population increased between 6 and 10% in the period when the local vote is coming,” Slavov said. “There is a serious disproportion between the signals of irregulations and the number of punished.”

As one of the organizational measures that would help to reduce electoral violations is the option that counting of ballot to be in a special counting centers but not in sectional election commission and when there is vote buying the questions is how the political parties and candidates are being financed, to be able to buy votes there must be illegal sector , they are organically linked, Slavov said.

You could watch the interview with Kalin Slavov,Executive Director of TI-Bulgaria in Bulgarian on the website of Bloomberg TV.