There have been comical ways that the members of the commissions have tried to help the voter, the Executive Director of Transparency International-Bulgaria said. Six Bulgarian and international organizations are monitoring the early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria.

“It is interesting that there is a huge focus on the machine voting. We heard and looked at many different stories and scenarios of problems with the voting with machines. A big part of them turned out to be easily fixed. Comparatively not a big part of the machines had issues. “ Kalin Slavov, the Executive director of Transparency International commented for BNR.

“There are almost humorous tries that is you don’t look at as comical will seem like a form of vote controlling”, said Slavov.

There are reports from different parts of the country that members of the section election commissions, as they are trying to help voters, are standing right behind them, and even in some cases are touching the screen, and thus actually revealing the secret of the vote.

Kalin Slavov appeals for such practices to not be used. The members of the sectional election commission must not see what is happening on the screen of the machine, Slavov underlined. According to him, this is not only a violation of election rules, but it is a crime.

The mix of the receipts from two machines is a signal received from observers.

The free mobile line of Transparency International-Bulgaria – 0 800 11 224 is open, you can report irregularities or ask for explanations related to the election process.

The whole interview is posted in Bulgarian on the website of the Bulgarian National Radio.