The course in Business Integrity in the Masters’ Programme “Responsible and Sustainable Business Management” at the Sofia University’s Faculty of Economics was completed.

Kalin Slavov, Executive Director of Transparency International Bulgaria introduced the students to the approach of applying integrity and ethics as key conditions for sustainable business success.

Within the framework of the classes the students were introduced to the reasons why individuals should act ethically and do business with integrity. The course creates good opportunities for each student to develop knowledge and skills about the measures that businesses take to adhere to certain business standards, rules and regulations in their work, as well as to apply them when starting their own business.

The lectures cover topics such as corruption, ethical infrastructure, conflict of interest, and the role of business integrity in contemporary corporate culture, standards for corruption, risk management, as well as the new rules for business related to the implementation of the “Law on the Protection of Persons who Report or Publicly Disclose information on Violations”.

The course addresses ethical issues and explains briefly how business entities can contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, and its central message is that businesses need to adopt a holistic and multidisciplinary approach to uphold high business standards.

You could follow all the current information on our initiative website Business integrity.