Project Cornerstone of democracy: Countering corruption and trust in political institutions, Countering Corruption 2018: public expectations and achieved results is an initiative of Transparency International-Bulgaria which is being carried out with the financial support of Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Bureau Bulgaria.

The main objective of the initiative is to encourage the active participation of citizens in solving one of the key problems of the functioning of the institutions and of the democratic process in the country – the unsatisfactory state of the fight against corruption. It will be implemented by formulating an analytical assessment of the achievements and deficits in the area of counteracting corruption in 2018. Developing an assessment of the state of the fight against corruption in Bulgaria will contribute to overcome deficits in two dimensions:

  • Deficits in the capacity and activity of anti-corruption institutions in Bulgaria;
  • Deficits of the democratic proses in Bulgaria, created by: the low level of trust of citizens in political institutions; citizen’s passivity about key problems and lack of readiness for active participation in political life in Bulgaria.

The initiative is based on the understanding that in order to overcome this deficits, it is necessary to integrate citizen’s expectations for tackling corruption (as one of the leading problem that stop the development of the country) and expertise on the problem (to serve as a starting point for formulating of policies in this field and for more active participation of citizens in political life in Bulgaria).

The project objectives will be realized through:

  • Development of an Analytic assessment of expectation of new anti-corruption legislation and new anti-corruption agency, which should work in the beginning of 2018
  • Monitoring of the work of the institutions and benchmarking with current public expectations on the priority anti-corruption guidelines
  • Proposals for future guidelines for a more effective fight against corruption

For implementation of the project the following activities will be carry out:

Conducting a sociological survey on “Public Anticipating Corruption in 2018″, exploring public expectations about the priority directions in the fight against corruption -people’s readiness to counteract corruption – causes of action / inaction; expectations for key directions to focus on anti-corruption efforts; The survey is nationally representative, with a sample of about 1000 citizens, of all categories of social groups and settlements from the territory of the whole country.

Monitoring – expert assessment of the application of anti-corruption legislation, in particular the first activities of the new anti-corruption agency. The evaluation will be made by the expertise of the Transparency International-Bulgaria and will integrate the expertise of the organization in this field.

Developing and publishing analytical material (policy paper entitled “Countering Corruption – 2018: Public Expectations and Achievements”) that compares public expectations and achievements in the fight against corruption in 2018 and formulates proposals for the necessary guidance in anti-corruption policies.

Conducting two public events: a press conference to present the results of the sociological survey and a discussion on the presentation of the analytical material, integrating the results of the public survey and the monitoring of the anticorruption activities of the institutions).

The results of the research and the analytical policy paper can serve as a starting point for carrying out future initiatives focusing on one of the most important problems of the democratic process in Bulgaria – the low level of citizens’ confidence in the institutions and the lack of readiness for active participation in the political life in the country.

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