The report builds on the Civil Society Reviews of the UN Convention against corruption (UNCAC) made by TI – Bulgaria since 2011 and pays particular attention to the progress made in areas where deficiencies were identified. In particular, it provides information on the implementation and enforcement UNCAC since 2011 and puts special emphasis on selected articles in the same chapters covered before (Chapter III: Criminalisation and Law Enforcement, Chapter IV: International Cooperation) that were identified as problematic. The articles with identified deficiencies in 2011 in view of their regulation or implementation are those dealing with the implementation of the liability of legal persons (Article 26), freezing, seizure and confiscation (art. 31), witness protection practices (Article 32), protection of reporting persons (whistle-blowers, Article 33) and lack of unified case statistics.

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Progress report on the implementation of the United Nations convention against corruption in Bulgaria