In the Early Parliamentary Elections only 33 per cent of the parties had an election programme. Anticorruption topic was in the programme of only 30 per cent of the parties, but only half of these 30 per cent had a systematically and organized measures to fight against corruption.

Sustainable policy when lacks transparency in appointments was in 29 per cent of pre-election promises. Creating a single anti-corruption body was present in 24% of the platforms. Electronic tendering and procurement – in 33%.

With regard to one of the key topics discussed in public space, creating a single anti-corruption body, only one of the parties participating in the elections for National Assembly promise of its creation.

“It seems to me that here will be very interesting as far as it will be a topic that is required in society and it will be discussed and will be placed on the agenda”.

The election program is one, and governance – otherwise, but if the election program become real we should expect from the largest party in the National Assembly to be the driver for a single anti-corruption body, he added.

You could hear the entire interview with Kalin Slavov in Bulgarian visiting the web page of Bulgarian National Radio.