TI-Bulgaria signed a cooperation memorandum with FI Health – Sofia Medical Center on April, 12th, 2023. The team of TI-BG will incorporate policies and good practices in the management system of the medical center.

As e key member of the private health sector facilities, FI Health is part of a group of medical centers located in Sofia and Plovdiv having a quality medical concept which benefits the private healthcare sector.

After analyzing and evaluating the provided by the center documentation, the teams will discuss together the recommendations by the TI-BG`s experts regarding future development and implementation of innovative approaches in the Group of medical centers which will contribute for fostering business integrity in the larger healthcare system in Bulgaria.

TI-Bulgaria`s team has observed serious commitment of the management of FI Health – Sofia to Business Integrity as well as good communication and largely spread understanding of corporate values among the employees of the medical center.