Between June 10-11, 2022, Transparency International – Bulgaria held a training seminar on the project “Local Integrity System Index – Sustainable Business Development”. The planned activities of the project are an active approach that will engage local stakeholders to develop sustainable anti-corruption policies and practices for good governance, which will lead to an improved business climate in the regions. The expected product of the project is the annual Local Integrity System Index and it will be presented during December, 2022.

The initiative is funded by the America for Bulgaria Foundation and is a continuation of the previous initiative “Local Integrity System Index” through the period 2014-2017.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations and experts from all over the country took part in the training. The participants got acquainted with the developed methodology, as well as the additional information needed for the evaluation of the sectors: business, mayor, municipal council, municipal administration, political parties, courts, police, media, civil society, and health.

During the event, the participants asked questions in connection with the various aspects of the project concerning the implementation of the activities in the country.

They further shared their expectations for the work on the initiative and exchanged useful contacts and experience from their work on projects in the regions they represent.