Young people contribute more and more for designing innovative solutions for social progress and business ideas thanks to the work of TI-Bulgaria for adoption of good practices and established business standards in the programs “Economics and Management of Public Funds” and “Responsible and Sustainable Management”. They are the engine for change, concentrating their efforts on achieving sustainable development goals, good governance and improving Bulgarian business climate.

The main topics and materials presented to the students were related to integrity standards, ethics principles and corruption risk management and will encourage ethical decision making in the future private sector employees.

The training served as a platform for the youth in order to be able to recognize fraud and other economic crimes including:

  • To get acquainted with standards and procedures for applying business integrity in healthcare, industry and energy sectors;
  • To recognize each real or potential conflict of interests that may harm the decision making process in a company;
  • To look for different opinions and ideas when dealing with business integrity problems;
  • To look for whistleblowing channels when facing misconduct.

The training in this program is practically oriented and provides the needed knowledge and competences in order for the young leaders to get to their full potential in the field of business integrity as well as to acquire attitude and skills in the beginning of their career that will benefit the private sector in the long term.